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Joint Project WeLabelData and NGO Epiprosvita

Partnership to Support Mothers of Children with Disabilities in Ukraine

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About NGO Epiprosvita

NGO Epiprosyvita was founded by the mother of a child with disabilities in 2021. This organization takes care of people with disabilities in Ukraine. It is part of the largest patient organization, Patients of Ukraine, and collaborates with the Anti-Epileptic League, having over 80 other partners among NGOs, businesses, regional councils, and the Ministry of Health. One of the biggest problems that beneficiaries face is the lack of means for self-survival. With the idea of giving a fishing rod, not the fish, we launched the pilot project "Mom, Work," which has produced incredible results. Mothers of children with disabilities who got employed in Vilbdata for the first time in 7 years have gained access to paid work.


Empowering Mothers: A Unique Work Opportunity

Navigating through the everyday challenges of caring for children with special needs, mothers often face barriers that limit their participation in the workforce. Our unique work opportunity is designed with empathy and understanding, aiming to empower these incredible mothers.

Hiring such a mother, you will receive:

  • A dedicated and grateful employee

  • A highly motivated worker

  • A quickly adapting specialist


By ordering services from WeLabelData, you will:

  • Experience Outstanding Service

  • Customized Efficient Annotation Processes

  • Continuous Support and Adaptability

  • Access to a Rich Variety of Dataset Types and Tools

What does this mean for Ukraine?

  • Mothers who do not send their children to orphanages to survive

  • Children who have diapers, food, and medicines bought with earned wages

  • Confidence and zest for life in mothers, and their contribution through taxes

Women who are changing the lives of their families:

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