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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Lyubov lives in a small town in the Rivne region and is fascinated by flowers. Before the birth of her son, she worked as a nurse and loved her job very much, but with the appearance of her son 7 years ago – her life completely turned upside down. At 10 months, her son started having terrible epilepsy. Lyubov was just devastated because, as a medic, she understood the severity of this ailment.

Lyubov's mother desperately wanted to save her grandson, so she spent all her money on his treatment, hiding that she was sick with cancer and needed support herself. Unable to withstand all of this, she died from the neglected disease three years ago. Since then, Lyubov has only her husband and son.

All these years, Lyubov was locked in her house because the little one needed help 24/7 and had terrible epileptic seizures with a loss of consciousness. Day changed day, but there was no light visible. One day, Lyubov randomly filled out a job application for a technological project. And the very next day, she was offered to try participating in the project.

“I saw that 2000 people had sent applications and thought, why would they offer me, a former nurse, a job? There were so many candidates! And when they wrote to me, I could not find a place in the house from a mixture of happiness and fear. Thanks to my Sergei (husband), he supported me and helped figure out the computer. Now I have realized my dream."

Lyubov has dreamed all her life of seeing the mountains; it was their common dream with her mother. And thanks to employment and the opportunity to work remotely, she bought a tour to Dragobrat for 3 days. So she spent part of her first salary.

"For the first time in 7 years, I was without a son and husband for so long. I climbed the mountain and sharply wanted to go home, as it was so unusual for me to be without them. I am very grateful to the project because otherwise, I could never have realized it, and very grateful to my husband, who backed me up and constantly answered my calls while I was nervous without them."

Now Lyubov plans to continue working and is waiting for new projects, because the work has brought not only resources for realizing the dream and other needs but also the opportunity to distract from the war.

"When I work, I forget that there is a war, I really need this because there are too many events and stress for me alone. Also, my husband and I found a common occupation, sometimes we think together about tasks, and it is so interesting that we do not remember the last time we argued. We are interested and fun to figure it out, and the son is next to us. It is really great happiness to have such activity and not worry that something can go wrong in the family."

In Ukraine, thousands of women in rural areas have children with disabilities. Each of them deserves their “project”, dream, and socialization. Mothers of children with disabilities can and should be an active economic link and bring taxes and benefits to the country. Such projects are a way to strengthen the economy and the level of happiness of the population.

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