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Data labeling for neural networks

Describe what data annotation you are interested in and get a consultation from our specialists

Our company started with a clear mission: to help people with non-equal access to jobs find a job in tech where they can evolve.

We focused on Data annotation. First, we have much experience with data labeling and know how to deliver outstanding quality. Second, a data annotator position has one of the lowest thresholds to start working.

We started in 2021 targeting underserved women in Azerbaijan since they are still suffering from many restrictions.

On February 24th, 2022, Russia started the war against Ukraine. It led to over 3M refugees who had to leave Ukraine, escaping destroyed cities and losing everything they had. From the very beginning, we helped Ukrainians: first, we helped to evacuate hundreds of people. And now we focused on helping refugees to get a job as data annotators at WeLabelData.

We have polished processes to train data annotators and make sure they deliver excellent quality. So helping Ukrainian refugees and Azerbaijani women, you can be sure that your work is done according to the highest quality standards.


High-end data annotations services for all major dataset types and industries


Our Clients Love Us

Absolutely great to work with! Fast, efficient, with great attention to detail! The WeLabelData team did a perfect job annotating our dataset. And their expert advice really helped us organize our internal labeling process. Wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.


Vlad Pranskevičius

Co-Founder/CTO @ Let's Enhance | Techstars'18

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Alex Khomutenko

Founder & CTO

- 10+ years of experience in software architectural design and backend application development
- Run multiple ML projects that required data labeling
- Experienced in developing large and scalable systems. Experience in object-oriented architecture design and development.




- Co-founded Ecoisme, Techstars-backed where he collected and labeled an enormous amount of household appliance data from all over the world.
- Serial entrepreneur, Forbes 30under30 Europe
- Head of R&D at Kyivstar (largest telco in Ukraine) where he leads multiple data management projects


Zaranqiz Huseynova

Co-Founder and CEO

- Founder of the WoWooman, the biggest women empowerment community in Azerbaijan
- Serial entrepreneur, Forbes 30under30 Europe
- The Girls Development Program is hosted by schools and universities in Hong Kong
- Facebook ranked WoWooman in the top 100 communities in the world


Anastasiia Khrapai

Chief Growth Officer

- Developing and implementing successful marketing campaigns that increased brand awareness and sales for their organization.
- Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and partners to drive business growth.
- Managing and leading a team to achieve project and organizational goals.


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