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Data labeling for neural networks

Describe what data annotation you are interested in and get a consultation from our specialists

Our company started with a clear mission: to help people with non-equal access to jobs find a job in tech where they can evolve.

For over five years, I dedicated myself to building the clean tech startup Ecoisme. Unfortunately, we had to close the venture, but that journey wasn't in vain. Throughout those years, we meticulously collected, labeled data, and trained neural networks to determine which household appliance was turned on or off. This task closely resembles speech recognition, but instead of sound waves, we used active and reactive power components decomposed by Fourier Transform.

In April 2023, I concluded my role at Kyivstar, Ukraine's largest telecom provider. And the idea that I could assist other companies in establishing effective data collection and labeling processes stayed with me. This is when WeLabelData was born.

While discussing the business idea with my wife, Zara, who is the founder of WoWoman, the largest women’s community in Azerbaijan, I realized the potential of our venture. WoWoman has conducted many courses to educate women in various skills and professions, but unfortunately, not everyone could commit several months to education under their existing circumstances. We believed that data labeling could be a valuable opportunity for them.

Today, we continue to collaborate with WoWoman Azerbaijan. We have also extended our reach and started working with Ukrainian civil organizations such as EPIProsvita and the psychological support and behavioral correction initiative for children with special needs, known as "Психологічна допомога та корекція поведінки дітей з ООП".

At WeLabelData, we leverage our extensive experience and technical prowess to empower businesses with meticulously labeled and structured data. We are also deeply committed to creating job opportunities for those in need, turning data labeling into more than just a business—it’s our way of making a positive impact on the world.

Join us on this exciting journey, as we strive to make the world of data more accessible and useful for all, while contributing to meaningful social change.


High-end data annotations services for all major dataset types and industries

    - Image annotation. Marking and labeling images to help computer vision models effectively interpret visual data. - Video annotation. Extracting intelligence from videos by annotating objects in each frame and helping models identify them - Text annotation. Identifying, classifying, and linking relevant text strings to help ML models interpret text data. - Audio transcription. Converting speech from audio files, such as interview recordings or court proceedings into text. - Sentiment analysis. Classifying sentiment in material containing text and images, as positive, negative, or neutral. - Lidar annotation. Labeling images and videos in 360 degrees of visibility captured by multi-sensor cameras, using high precision tools. - Content moderation. Monitoring, assessing, and filtering image and text data to help enforce community guidelines. - Product categorization. Categorizing e-commerce products by multiple attributes to improve user experience and search relevance
    - CVAT - COCO Annotator - VGG - LabelMe - Vott - Pallas Ludens - Labelbox - LabelImg - Hasty. ai
    - Self-driving Cars. Incorporation of computerized vision learning for autonomous vehicle driving - Health Care. Disease diagnosis and analysis through annotated medical imaging - AI in Retail. Used for E-commerce and retail supermarkets through vision-based inspection - Autonomous Flying. Primarily used for aerial view capturing and object recognition through drones - Robotics. Used in robotic arms for material handling at warehouses or assembly plants - Security. Mainly used to keep monitoring facilities through automated security cameras

What our clients say about partnering with us


Vlad Pranskevičius

Co-Founder/CTO @ Let's Enhance | Techstars'18

Absolutely great to work with! Fast, efficient, with great attention to detail! The WeLabelData team did a perfect job annotating our dataset. And their expert advice really helped us organize our internal labeling process. Wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.


Fernando Guillem

Co-CEO  @ Lanaccess 

I recommend WeLabelData for their reliable and professional service. Their team effectively delivered the service we needed with a practical approach.


Alexis Prousis

Vice President, Marketing  @ Blinkfire Analytics, Inc.

We love working with the WeLabelData team! They provide us with some of the best data annotation services in the industry,
and their customer success team is responsive to all our needs. The quick turnaround time and accuracy helps us be more

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Alex Khomutenko

Founder & CTO

- 10+ years of experience in software architectural design and backend application development
- Run multiple ML projects that required data labeling
- Experienced in developing large and scalable systems. Experience in object-oriented architecture design and development.




- Co-founded Ecoisme, Techstars-backed where he collected and labeled an enormous amount of household appliance data from all over the world.
- Serial entrepreneur, Forbes 30under30 Europe
- Head of R&D at Kyivstar (largest telco in Ukraine) where he leads multiple data management projects


Anastasiia Khrapai

Chief Growth Officer

- Developing and implementing successful marketing campaigns that increased brand awareness and sales for their organization.
- Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and partners to drive business growth.
- Managing and leading a team to achieve project and organizational goals.



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